Trading Resources

Trading is much like any other job or profession.  In order to get the job done right you have to have the right tool for the job!  

Over the years I’ve probably used a dozen or so stock scanners, charting platforms and stock trading tools but for the most part they all offer roughly the same features with slight variations.  There’s really no need to spend thousands of dollars trying to find the best day trading setup because there is no perfect tool for trading the market.  It really all comes down to what works best for you and your unique stock trading strategy.

As of (06 April 2018) these are the stock trading tools and resources I use on a daily basis for real-time stock scanning, charting and analysis for potential trades.  As technology brings new tools to the trader this list will probably update as I evolve with the market.

Etrade ProE*Trade Pro has been my preferred trading platform since day one.  E*Trade Pro offers one of the most comprehensive technical analysis suites I’ve seen out of any trading platform.  Their executions are great and if you ever have an issue with your account their customer support is also top notch.  Plus, it’s hard to beat commissions of just $4.95/trade.
EquityFeed Stock ScannerEquityFeed is my preferred intraday stock scanner for small cap trade setups.

I’ve also used Trade Ideas like many other small cap traders but I’ve found EquityFeed’s filter builder works perfect for me.  You can give them a free 14-day test drive to see if it will meet your trading needs too. is my end of day (EOD) stock screener.  StockFetcher uses a text-based filtering so you can use plain-english phrases to build custom stock screens.  This tool enables me to find profitable swing trades and position trades.

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