Genesis Healthcare
Genesis Healthcare

March 9, 2018: I picked up 5500 shares of GEN 1.42 +0.04 +2.90% on 16 Feb when it meant my technical analysis criteria on the 30m chart for a swing trade.  It should have been a more profitable swing trade but I let greed get in the way of my technical analysis.  I say it was greed but sleep also came into play here.

Since I live in S. Korea the market opens at 2330 for me.  Thankfully daylight savings is coming to an end!  So, after a full day of work from 0630-1700 sometimes I’m too smoked to babysit a slow trade like $GEN and I let it ride.  I shouldn’t have done that this time because before I hit the sack on 21 Feb $GEN crossed some key technical analysis levels that would usually trigger me to sell.

Moral of the story; don’t fight your lifestyle when you’re trading and never let greed prevail if you meet your profit targets!  You don’t have to crush every trade.



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