Moleculin Biotech (MBRX)
Moleculin Biotech (MBRX)

August 2, 2017: This has been my best swing trade so far.  On 28 Jul MBRX 1.32 -0.01 -0.50% crossed an RSI of 60 and was trading above the upper cloud of the Ichimoku.  SuperTrend also gave me good indications of a strong uptrend forming so I took the trade on 28 July w/ 4K shares at $2.47.  $MBRX consolidated on the 28th and then made decent gains on 31 July before it’s nice spike today on 1 August.

I used RSI and MFI to help me determine when to exit the trade when it looked like it was becoming severely overbought.  I exited at $3.25 but the stock actually ran up to HOD at $3.40 so a decent amount was left on the table.  However,  being greedy will often get you burned and I took the proverbial “meat of the move.”




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