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Google Adsense Video Units

[ 0 ] October 11, 2007 |

Google Adsense Video

Google Adsense has just rolled out their new advertising platform, Google Adsense Video Units, via the #1 video sharing site YouTube. After Googles $1.6 billion acquisition of YouTube back in October 2006 it is no surprise Google is looking to heavily profit from their purchase.

Below is an example of a 400X415 Google Adsense Video Unit. They can also be deployed in 500×510 and 780×560 dimensions.

As you’ll notice above companion and text overlay ads are relevant and flow seamlessly into the video content. You can also blend your Google Adsense Video Unit into your site with some pre-fabricated player skins. As with Adsense you can have relevant videos automatically targeted to your site content, choose specific ad categories to target your site or select content from individual YouTube partners.

I LIKE IT. I’ll be experimenting with Google Adsense Video on some of my future site deployments. Everybody loves videos. I think targeted Google Adsense Video Units, that match what your site visitors are searching for, should see a decent CTR but only time will tell. Go experiment!

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