Avinger (AVGR)
Avinger (AVGR)

Trading this setup is still a little new to me but if a stock is trading above the sma(200) on a 5-minute chart, breaks an RSI of 60, and crosses above all three SuperTrend resistance levels I’m going to take the trade because the stock is clearly in a strong uptrend. When the MFI hits/nears 90 or the price touches/crosses the Upper Bollinger Band (20,3) I exit the trade. As for this trade, AVGR 0.41 +0.03 +6.49% was still below an RSI of 80 so it had a little more room to run. I generally try not to take a trade unless I believe I can make about $1,000 on it but sometimes that doesn’t always pan out. I actually should have been in this trade at .60 but I was having platform issues.



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